Keynote lecture 2021

What do runaway ‘slaves’ have to do with social pedagogy in Finland?
Building antiracist socialities in and beyond education

Dr Ligia (Licho) López López, The University of Melbourne


Dr Licho Lopez
Dr López is Caribbean, Queer, and of Abiayala. She lives and works at the University of Melbourne as an uninvited guest on Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung countries. Licho’s scholarship moves through the geographies of continental Africa, Europe, the US, and Australia and is located at the intersection of curriculum studies, Indigenous and race studies in education, and youth studies in the digital. Licho’s interdisciplinary research has played with theatre as research in teaching communities of practice, Indigenous curriculum history in teacher education, visual cultures of refugee encampment and humanitarianism, and popular visual and digital cultures to end antiblack racism, coloniality, and their multiple reverberations in schooling. She is the author of The making of Indigeneity, curriculum history, and the limits of diversity (Routledge, 2018), Indigenous futures and learnings taking place (with G. Coello. Routledge, 2021), and two forthcoming collections Interrogating the relations between migration and education in the South: Migrating Americas (with I. Cepeda Mayorga and M. E. Tijoux. Routledge, 2021), and Growing up antiblack in Latin America and the Caribbean (with G. Coello, 2022). She is the editor of Education in Latin America and the Caribbean, a Palgrave Book series. Licho is a former Erasmus Mundus Fellow (2012-2014) in Germany, Norway, and Uganda. She has been a language and arts teacher in classrooms of all ages from pre-school to high school in Colombia, the United States, and Japan.